How we uphold the Rights of the Child



Kippax Greenfield has been awarded Level 1 of the Rights Respecting Schools Award and we are currently working towards Level 2.

In order to become a Rights Respecting School, we successfully showed that we are committed to putting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the centre of everything we do and that our whole school community was aware of the importance of learning about and upholding the Rights.

Our school council form the guiding committee to continue to build our knowledge and support of the Rights of the Child and they are support by our RRS governor (Mrs S Hall) and community representative (Mrs K Swales). Through the work they have done, we have implemented:

Classroom Charters
At the start of each new school year, each class works with their teachers to create a class charter. They investigate the rights so that their charter states children’s and adults’ responsibilities to ensure everyone is able to enjoy their rights.

Playground Charters
The school council consulted with children and adults in the school to write a playground charter that is displayed outside to enable everyone to enjoy their rights at playtime.

House Days
Every year we come together in our houses to learn more about the UN Convention. The themes of these days so far have included friendship, world hunger and respect. House days include a mix of children from all classes who learn through collaboration and practical activities.

Our school curriculum has been designed to ensure the rights are upheld and to widen understanding of the lives of children around the world. All our curriculum units include international and society objectives to continue to build understanding of the rights of children around the world. This work is supported by assemblies in which we explore the ways in which we can support all children’s rights. We explore the right to be safe through the IPC curriculum, PSHE and assemblies.

All policies at Kippax Greenfield are created with the rights of children at the centre.

Next Steps
Our healthy schools ambassadors are exploring Article 24 (every child has the right to the best possible health) as they look at the food we have in school and the opportunities available to exercise.
We are building our links with the local community to look at the ways in which we can uphold the rights of children outside school, particularly looking at improving the local environment.


School Council Newsletter

See an example of one of out school council newsletters:

School Council Newsletter 24.5.19

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