Bullying of any nature is taken extremely seriously at Kippax Greenfield Primary School.


Our Mission…

At Greenfield Primary School, we believe everyone regardless of gender, appearance, age, ability, colour, race, religion or culture has a right to thrive in a safe, secure and caring environment, without fear of bullying. Bullying is wrong and will not be tolerated.

Our definition of bullying…

  • Deliberate – purposefully hurting others
  • Unequal – imbalance of power between two people
  • Ongoing – incidents occur more than once

We have a robust and progressive curriculum to teach children how to deal with bullying, how to support friends who may be being bullied, how to be active in combatting bullying in the school community and how to be assertive towards bullying behaviour.



The rapid development of, and widespread access to, technology has provided a new medium for ‘virtual’ bullying, which can occur in or outside school. Cyber-bullying is a different form of bullying and can happen at all times of the day, with a potentially bigger audience, and more accessories as people forward on content at a click- DFE 2013

Only children in Y5 and Y6 who walk home from school alone are permitted to bring mobile phones into school. The phones are collected from children at the start of the day and kept securely in the school office. This is to prevent inappropriate use of mobile phones in school. Other digital technology such as; tablets, cameras or I-pods etc are not allowed in school without specific permission from staff. All children sign an ‘appropriate use’ agreement for the use of IT in school.

All children are taught how to use the internet safely in school and the importance of appropriate behaviour while using digital technology. This does include ‘bring your device to school days’ when the children enjoy learning and communicating with each other in a positive environment.

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