Parents as partners


We recognise the important role parents play in educating the children. We do this by:

  • talking to parents about their child before their child starts our school;
  • inviting the children to spend time; two afternoons, stay for lunch with their teacher in the classroom, before starting at school
  • inviting all parents to an induction meeting during the term before their child starts school
  • parents are welcome into the classroom at drop off and pick up times
  • encouraging parents to attend consultation meetings in the first two terms to discuss their child’s progress
  • providing parents with a written report on their child’s attainment and progress at the end of each school year
  • encouraging parents to contribute observations in their child’s learning journey
  • sharing our approach to reading and inviting parents into school for reading enrichment activities
  • inviting parents to a curriculum meeting where the phonics, literacy and maths are explained in detail and ways to support children’s learning at home are shared
  • each child has a planner for parents and teachers to communicate with each other
  • teacher email address is in the children’s planner for contact

Staff develop good relationships with all children, interacting positively with them and taking time to listen to them.

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