We carefully plan for all new admissions to school and time is given to ensure continuity of learning. At any transition, we acknowledge the child’s needs and establish effective partnerships with those involved with the child and other settings, including nurseries and childminders.

We hold an annual Open Day for interested parents to look round the school with the Headteacher. This year this will be on Thursday 11th October 2018: 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm

  • All parents to an induction meeting during the term before their child starts school to meet the key staff in school who will working with the children
  • Introductory sessions to Reception to develop familiarity with the setting and practitioners;
  • A drop in session to familiarise the children with the new environment (with parents)
  • A play session with their teacher in the classroom and stay for lunch (with parents)
  • A visit by our staff to the children in their nursery setting
  • The children complete an ‘All about me’ sheet
  • A Drop in session in September followed by a staggered start to the school day – one morning session and full time entry to school

The children all have a Year 6 buddy to look after them as they start school. The buddies read with the children, take them to lunch and play with them outside. They support them throughout school through our school House system.

In the final term in Reception, the Year 1 teacher will meet with the Early Years staff and discuss each child’s development against the Early Learning Goals in order to support a smooth transition to Year 1. This discussion helps the Year 1 teacher to plan an effective, responsive and appropriate curriculum that will meet the needs of all children.

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