Subject leader: Miss A Watkiss


Through Science at Kippax Greenfield, our children will become independent, responsible and well-rounded scientists who are curious about the nature and behaviours of the universe and all things within. Science learning builds on children’s natural curiosity as they ask and answer questions. Knowledge and concepts are reinforced by focusing on the key features of scientific enquiry: identification and classification; fair and comparative testing; observation; pattern seeking and research.


In Science, children learn about the animate and inanimate world around them. They are taught about:

  • Developing a sense of wonder about the world around them
  • Ways of finding out about living things, materials and phenomena
  • Interpreting scientific evidence
  • Communicating scientific ideas
  • Making links between scientific activities and ideas
  • Ways in which scientific ideas affect people’s lives
  • Ways in which scientific issues affect the environment
  • The cultural implications of scientific activities and ideas
  • The moral issues associated with scientific activities and ideas
  • Cause and effect


Science teaching follows the National Curriculum and is based around the 5 types of enquiry. Every lesson is based around a question to be answered through enquiry so that children are able to construct knowledge and understanding from the outcomes. A sense of wonder and curiosity is fostered in Science through carefully chosen prompts and investigations.

Within the Greenfield Curriculum, Science units are blocked so that children will study Science for several weeks at a time. Children therefore focus on a Science topic in order to immerse themselves in the theme and enable deep learning.


Please see our Science Topic Map and Knowledge and Skills Progression documents below, which include information about each year group. 


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