Religious Education



Our R.E. curriculum at Kippax Greenfield Primary enables pupils to become independent, responsible and well-rounded individuals who respect others, including people with different faiths and beliefs. Through studying World religions and other beliefs, pupils at Kippax Greenfield Primary School gain an understanding of how people think and behave differently and how that impacts on society. Our R.E. curriculum works alongside our Rights Respecting ethos to foster inclusivity, mutual understanding, tolerance and critical thinking so that pupils better understand others and the world around them.


We follow the Children Leeds Agreed Syllabus for RE, a broad and balanced curriculum, built around three aims. We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Investigate the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views;
  • Investigate how religions and other world views address questions of meaning, purpose and value;
  • Investigate how religions and other world views influence morality, identity and diversity.

Our RE curriculum teaches of Christianity, Islam and a non- religious approach throughout all key stages, extending to Judaism and Sikhism in Key Stage 2.


Our teaching and learning is focused around the investigation of key questions, an ‘enquiry model’ with contemporary, relevant and engaging questions to explore. We explore personal questions of meaning, engage with profound issues and explore contemporary questions that face our communities now and in the future.

All our RE teaching and learning upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child article 14: the right to choose your own religion and be taught right and wrong. It aims to help children in their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and links closely with the British Values.


RE Syllabus: Believing and Belonging


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