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Growing Greatness at Greenfields

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Collaboration, Aspiration

Growing Great Citizens

Subject Leader- Mrs Leah Holmes

Our PSHE Intent:

At Kippax Greenfield, we teach the National Curriculum for PSHE as part of a whole school approach dedicated to supporting our children in their holistic development; ultimately boosting their attainment and life chances.

In line with our vision of Growing Greatness at Greenfield, our PSHE curriculum prepares our children with the skills they need to lead happy, healthy lives in an exciting, innovative and fast-paced world. We recognise the issues and challenges that our children may face during their lifetimes, particularly in relation to their mental health, relationships and safety, both online and offline.


Our Great Greenfield Five values underpin our approach to teaching PSHE:

  • Respect – this is essential for a productive, safe and vibrant learning environment. Children are taught to respect themselves and others, understanding and celebrating our differences and similarities.
  • Resilience – we teach our children to understand their emotional responses and know positive strategies to manage and overcome negative emotions.
  • Responsibility – we teach our children to take responsibility for the choices they make both in school and in the wider world. We ensure that they understand the impact they can have on others and their environment.
  • Collaboration – we use collaboration as a tool for teaching and learning in PSHE and teach our children that when we work together to solve personal, moral and social problems, the problem can become much more manageable.
  • Aspiration – we have high aspirations for every area of our children’s development; beginning with their personal, social and health development to enable them to be valued contributors to society.


The PSHE curriculum at Kippax Greenfield follows the You, Me and PSHE programme with the addition of Mind Mate units of work. Additional resources are used to support the teaching of Relationship and Sex Education.


PSHE is taught weekly throughout school and is supported by assemblies and workshops from external organisations such as the NSPCC and Road Safety Team. Circle time and class discussions are also used to build relationships and enable children to grow emotionally and socially. A pre-assessment is carried out before each unit to ensure teaching is carefully tailored. Teaching is delivered through various methods, including but not limited to, class discussion, debate, freize frame, drama, stories and creative arts.

We deliver the following units in each year group, building on the knowledge and skills taught in the previous year;

  • Identity, society and equality
  • Relationships and management of feelings
  • Healthy eating and exercise
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco education
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Keeping safe and managing risk including e-safety
  • Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing
  • Growth, change and Sex and Relationship Education (SRE).


Please find our PSHE Curriculum map and Knowledge and Skills Progression document below.


PSHE Curriculum map

PSHE Progression in Knowledge and Skills

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