Growing Greatness at Greenfields
Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Collaboration, Aspiration

Growing Great Musicians


Our Music Intent:
At Kippax Greenfield, we aim to provide our children with a music curriculum which inspires creativity and encourages a life-long love of music. Through exposing them to a range of musical experiences we aim to ignite a passion for music and encourage our children to be the musicians of tomorrow.

Through the teaching of music is it our intention that children become confident musicians, who are able to listen and respond then perform and compose across a range of musical genres. Through whole school, class and small group ensembles we help the children to find their voices as singers and performers.

Our Great Greenfield Five values underpin the music curriculum:
• Respect – This is essential for a productive and vibrant learning environment and when engaging with music from the different cultures and time periods.
• Resilience – Music provides many opportunities for the children to develop their resilience as they learn new instrument and begin to compose.
• Responsibility – Children take responsibility for their learning and how to correctly care for a range of musical instruments.
• Collaboration – Our children work collaboratively within the class and small ensembles to compose and then perform.
• Aspiration – We allow children to chance to experience a range of musical genres, composers and performers so they are able to see what they can aspire to be.

Our Music Implementation:
Our music curriculum ensures children sing, listen, appraise, play, perform and evaluate throughout their time at Kippax Greenfield Primary School. This is demonstrated not just within classrooms but can be seen within our weekly singing assembly, various concerts and performances, our guitar tuition and the school choir.
During our classroom lessons our children are provided with opportunities to explore music on a weekly basis. Our lessons give opportunities for children to listen and appraise a range of music linked to the genre they are currently studying using the correct musical language. All children participate in a range of musical activities including singing and learn to play musical instruments (glockenspiels, recorders and ocarinas). We support the children as they progress through school to read musical notations and support them composition of their own music around the genres we study in school. Children are regularly given the opportunity to perform to their peers.
Please see our Music Knowledge and Skills Progression document below, which includes information about each year group.


Music Progression in Knowledge and Skills

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