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There is an expectation that children in every class will complete regular homework set by the teacher. The amount and type of homework becomes progressively more challenging as children go through the school, aiming to develop their independence and work ethic.

Information about each class’s homework is displayed on our online Learning Platform, along with the school newsletter and calendar. Each class has a secure username and password which can be accessed through Google.

Homework expectations at Kippax Greenfield Primary School:

  • All children are expected to read daily. Even if your child is a fluent reader, having a discussion about the book (for example, the characters’ personalities and actions or the similarities between that book and other) is a valuable way to develop reading skills. “Helping with reading leaflet”
  • Skill practice is an essential part of the children learning basic skills. They include learning number bonds, times tables, phonics, spellings and handwriting. Teachers put links to websites and games on the Learning Platform for children to practise these basic skills little and often and in a fun way!
  • Family homework is a more creative element to our homework and is based on the unit of learning the children are studying in class. We hope to get the whole family involved here! The children decide what they will research and how they will present their findings to the class.

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