International Primary Curriculum


Our curriculum intends to:

  • Empower our children as global citizens for the future; knowing their own rights and upholding those of others, having a moral responsibility for our planet and a sense of place as a British citizen
  • Encourage aspirational and curious, life-long learners through exposure to new ideas
  • Create ‘experts’ in knowledge and skills
  • Promote collaborative learning with a strong emphasis on communication
  • Develop independent learners who own their learning, embrace challenge and take risks; who reflect on their own learning and can solve problems

The International Primary Curriculum 

From September 2018 we will be building on our already well established inquiry curriculum by implementing the International Primary Curriculum across school.

The International Primary Curriculum is a curriculum programme made up of exciting, engaging and globally relevant thematic units of learning, which are designed around a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for subject, personal and international learning. 

  • Subject Learning Goals - for each national curriculum subject area eg Geography, History, Science
  • Personal Learning Goals - these are the life long skills of adaptability, communication, co-operation, enquiry, morality, resilience, respect, thoughtfulness
  • International Learning Goals - knowledge and understanding beyond that related to our own nationality, an understanding of the independence and interdependence of peoples, countries and cultures giving both a national and an international perspective

The teaching and learning through the International Primary Curriculum follows a learning cycle which encourages children to learn how to learn. 

IPC cycle

Themes start with the Entry Point to ‘hook’ in children’s interest and get them thinking about what the learning that will follow. After the Entry Point we find out what the children already know about theme with the Knowledge Harvest. This is so we can personalise the learning to the needs and interest of the children and reinforce connections between prior and new learning. The Big Picture of learning is then explained so the connections in the learning can be clearly seen. The children then take part in a series of Research and Recording Activities for each subject area covered in the theme. Here we provide the children with a wide variety of experiential and exploratory activities including visits out of school and visitors to school. This also includes working collaboratively. Children are encouraged to record their learning in a variety of ways including art work, maps, graphs, music, writing and drama. The learning concludes with the Exit Point. This helps children to draw on their prior learning, reminding them of all the connections between subjects that they have made, and creates time and opportunities to build their understanding of their learning, and to reflect on this individually and as a group. The exit point is an excellent chance for us to engage with parents and carers, involving them in celebrating the learning that has been achieved.

Year 1 curriculum overview

Year 2 curriculum overview

Year 3 curriculum overview

Year 4 curriculum overview

Year 5 curriculum overview

Year 6 curriculum overview

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