Growing Greatness at Greenfields

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Collaboration, Aspiration

Growing Great Geographers

Subject Leader: Mrs Kim McCarthy

Our Geography Intent:

At Kippax Greenfield, we deliver a knowledge-based and vocabulary rich geography curriculum, in line with our vision of Growing Greatness at Greenfield, which enables our pupils to have a deep understanding of the world and their place within it.

Our geography curriculum is designed to stimulate an interest in and sense of wonder about diverse places and different cultures as well as fostering a curiosity of the physical geography of the world and how that shapes how people live. 

Our Great Greenfield Five values underpin the history curriculum:

  • Respect – this is essential for a productive and vibrant learning environment. We teach pupils to respect and be curious about the different cultures we study.
  • Resilience – we build upon previous skills and knowledge and use vocabulary and concepts that challenge.
  • Responsibility – children take responsibility for their learning by marking their work, responding to feedback, and ensuring that their presentation meets high expectations.
  • Collaboration – we make use of ambitious vocabulary and sentence stems, modelling geographical discussion so that children can achieve even more by working together.
  • Aspiration – we teach pupils to be curious about the different places and cultures around the word so they can become active citizens in any field or part of the world.


Our Curriculum Implementation:

Our geography curriculum is split into a 2-year rolling programme to cater for our mixed aged classes.

Our geography curriculum incorporates fundamental geographical knowledge and skills, allowing pupils to build on a firm foundation in future years. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, pupils gain an understanding of their local area, the United Kingdom and the wider world beginning to use geographical skills and geographical vocabulary. Throughout KS2, the curriculum is mapped so that pupils can deepen their understanding of physical and human geography, revisiting concepts of fieldwork, place knowledge, map skills and impact on the environment.  

Units of work are enhanced by a Knowledge Organiser which lists the core facts of the unit of geography and each lesson gives opportunities for children to retrieve previous learning. Lessons are further supplemented by enrichment opportunities which link to specific objectives within lessons.  These inject fun, ignite curiosity and add a little Greenfield ‘glitter” to our learning.  At the end of a unit, pupils will write an essay to showcase their learning and parents are also invited in during the course of the year for a class Learning Showcase event.


Coming soon- our long term plan for the Greenfield Geography curriculum. 





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