Growing Greatness at Greenfields
Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Collaboration, Aspiration
Growing Great Readers


Our Reading Intent:
Reading to Grow...
In line with our vision of Growing Greatness at Greenfield, English and reading is at the heart of everything we do in school. We celebrate the opportunities to grow that reading provides us. Reading grows our knowledge and vocabulary. Reading grows our imagination and creativity. Reading grows our understanding of the world around us and introduces us to new perspectives and ideas. Our love of reading underpins everything we do as a school and we aim to foster lifelong active readers who can’t put a good book down!
Our reading curriculum exposes children to high-quality texts and literature that they would not necessarily choose themselves in order to widen their repertoire of reading. By doing this, we will expand their spoken and written vocabulary; imagination and creative thought; and empathy and acceptance of others through reading about ways of life, ideas and beliefs different to their own.

Our Great Greenfield Five values underpin the reading curriculum:
Respect – this is essential for a productive and vibrant learning environment and when engaging with texts from diverse communities and cultures.
Resilience – we build on previous skills and knowledge and use challenging books, texts and vocabulary that develop our perseverance and resilience.
Responsibility – children take responsibility for their reading by selecting books to read at home. In school, we encourage children to explore their own interests by exposing them to a variety of genres and media.
Collaboration – we make use of ambitious vocabulary which we embed throughout our curriculum. Our whole class reading approach allows us to discuss our ideas and consider different perspectives.
Aspiration – as staff we model our own love of reading through our actions and conversations. We aspire to create enthusiastic, confident, life-long readers.

In reading, we are aiming for children to master the ability to decode, comprehend, analyse and evaluate texts. All pupils are capable of achieving high standards in Reading and are able to develop their own literary viewpoints. We begin with systematic teaching of Phonics in Early Years and Key Stage One following the Read, Write, Inc (RWI) scheme. Phonics learning is supported through the RWI reading scheme so children can embed their phonic knowledge when reading books both at school and at home. Reading lessons develop through Key Stage One and throughout Key stage Two, centred around quality texts and thoughtful discussions. Lessons are carefully structured to enable children to deepen their ability to comprehend, analyse, evaluate and critique literature in both written and verbal means. We actively model the skills of reading including using prior knowledge, visualisation, prediction, vocabulary meaning breakdowns and how to repair them, identification of key words and finding the gist, we use the ‘Read aloud - think aloud’ approach.
We aim to promote a lifelong love of reading by unlocking countless opportunities to engage our children. Every class has a weekly library lesson during which they have the opportunity to select and enjoy reading a book in a comfortable setting.

*****Coming soon******Our whole school reading challenge

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