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The creative curriculum at Kippax Greenfield Primary School aims to provide our children with virtuous opportunities that enable them to progress into independent, responsible, well-rounded artists who are able to express themselves imaginatively and creatively within all areas of the arts. Lessons are designed to incorporate a range of teaching and learning styles which equip pupils with the knowledge and skills they require to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Where possible, art is delivered in a sequence of lessons where it is used to enhance the learning of our wider curriculum topics so that our children are able to make purposeful links and associations with the wider world.


Our art curriculum provides a clear and comprehensive scheme of work that will show progression of skills across all key stages within the strands of Art. Children are given an opportunity to present their sense of vision through observation, experimentation and illustration. They are encouraged to use their imagination through a wide variety of media and manipulative skills are developed as well as an awareness of colour, texture, design and dimension. We encourage pupils to use the correct vocabulary when evaluating and describing the key elements of art so that they are able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and how it reflects and shapes the history, culture and wealth of the world around us. Because the children will have access to key knowledge, language and meanings, they will be able to apply this to their work in Art and across the wider curriculum. There will be, where applicable, links to develop the children’s learning experiences, which could take the form of whole school workshops or be linked to a wider cross curricular project.


All units of work include studies of artists. Through their time at Kippax Greenfield, children will learn about male and female artists from a range of eras and cultures, working in different media. Children practise skills linked with the artists in sketch books, leading to their final products. They are encouraged to evaluate and improve on their work at all stages.


Please see our Art Knowledge and Skills Progression document below, which includes information about each key stage.


Art and Design Progression in Knowledge and Skills

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