Curriculum and Learning


Through the curriculum at Greenfields we:

  • Empower our children as global citizens for the future: knowing their own rights and upholding those of others, having a moral responsibility for our planet and a sense of place
  • Encourage aspirational and curious, life-long learners through exposure to new ideas
  • Create ‘experts’ in knowledge and skills
  • Promote collaborative learning with a strong emphasis on communication
  • Develop independent learners who own their learning, embrace challenge and take risks; who reflect on their own learning and can solve problems

We use the International Primary Curriculum as a starting point for many subjects. This links subjects such as Geography, History, Art and Design Technology within a theme. The subjects are taught discretely in blocks to encourage depth of understanding. Not all subjects naturally fit within a theme and so these subjects are taught separately: PE, RE, PHSE and Modern Foreign Language - French. English, Maths and Computing are also taught during discrete lessons but revisited in the curriculum so children can apply and embed the skills they have learnt in a purposeful context.

Additional information on our curriculum can be obtained by contacting our curriculum leaders through the school office: Tel 0113 2876195 or email

Our Key Curriculum Leaders are: 

Maths: Mrs C.Roberts         English: Mrs S.Wiseman         International Primary Curriculum: Mrs K.McCarthy       


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