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26th July 2022 - 'Get Up and Go' Day!


Bushtucker Trial 

bushtucker  bushtucker 3

Very Special Visitors 

Thank you to Gareth, Jamie and the Leeds Rhino Foundation who dropped off back to school bags for 10 lucky pupils, as well as a £20 Nando’s voucher. Well done to the pupils too- we picked names out of a hat and they did us proud, speaking so eloquently about our school values to Jamie and how they gave them self-belief.



20th July 2022

Enterprise Day 

Our Enterprise Day was a great success, with families enjoyed exploring each of the stalls in the classrooms, and children taking turns to sell their items on the stalls. The children also created posters to advertise their products , including buns, drinks, bookmarks, Pom Pom friends and even a French Café. Whales Class went the extra mile by not only doing a poster but a written piece and a video advertising their product- Well certainly made viewers want to visit their stall!


           enterprise 2   enterprise 4  enterprise 3  

books  french cafe



Year 6 Transition - Learning about our Brains 

Year 6 took part in a transition workshop run by Catherine from “Phoenix Rising” hypnotherapy. They’ve been learning about how their mind works and how they can change their thinking to make potentially scary new situations enjoyable and fun. They were really interested to learn about their primitive brain!


The Great Greenfield Camp


camp 2

camp 1

It's dinner time! We had some excellent chefs with us and quite a lot of very organised campers!

Sports Day and Picnic

We thank everyone for your support for our Sports Day and Picnic. It was lovely to see so many families at school and we had a wonderful day. The children did themselves proud and showed great support and encouragement for each other, as we knew they would!


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