School Council


Kippax Greenfield’s School Council is made up of 2 representatives from each class from Reception up to Class 6. The children begin their election campaigns by writing their manifestos, giving speeches and campaigning. The outgoing School Council act as the returning officers and organise the polling station, complete with ballot papers, voting booths and of course the ballot box.

The School Council meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas on how to improve the school for all. For example, after discussions with class members and school cooks, the school council revised the school lunch menu and introduced a banding system to ensure every child gets their first choice of meal.

Other recent activity includes;

Hello, my name is Ellie and I am the Chair of the School Council.


I love being at Greenfields because it is a brilliant school. This is my first opportunity to be on the School Council. I am looking forward to helping improve our school with exciting learning and brilliant brain breaks. My role is to prepare and chair the meetings, keeping everyone in order.

Hedgehog Class: Max and Scarlett


“We like giving new, fun ideas.”

Deer Class: Rou and Harry


“We like being School Councillors because it is fun and exciting for us.”

Squirrel Class: Alfie and Lacie-Mai


“We like being School Councillors because it is fun and an important job.”

Squirrel Class and Eagle Class: Kaya and Kye


“We were amazed when we were elected. We are looking forward to making our school even better.”

Eagle Class: Tristen and Grace

“We can share our ideas for our school with everyone.”

Otter Class: Emily and Ben

“We enjoy being on the School Council because we get a say in our opportunities.”


Get involved!

Election fever hits Kippax Greenfield Primary School every two years. Our last election was December 2015. During the election period, the whole school learns about the history of democracy, democracy in our country and how we can get involved in the democratic process and it impacts on our lives.

Pupils who wish to run for the School Council begin their election campaign in October, preparing their publicity for their campaign. They deliver a speech to their class detailing their manifesto and the reasons why they make a good candidate for the School Council.

Election fever! Election fever!